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What is CNN/US?

Please note HD is available depending on level of Digital Cable service provided by cable operators.

Both CNN/US and CNNj are available in Japan. Here are the differences between both channels.

Point.1 Programming content CNN/US is the world's first and leading 24-hour American news network. CNN/US is distributed in real time, live to Japan. CNNj is a local language version of CNN International, the world's most watched television network delivering fast accurate news of global importance to international audiences.
Point.2 Language options CNN/US is an English language service. Japanese simultaneous translation is available for 5-6 hours during morning and evening primetime each day. CNNj is a local language service. Japanese simultaneous translation is available 17 hours a day from 7am - 12.00am.
Point.3 Channel availability CNN/US is a premium TV service. Subscription is optional and on a single channel basis. CNNj is available on the basic package of cable & satellite providers across Japan.
Point.4 Broadcast quality CNN/US is available in HD quality on Sky PerfecTV and select cable operators. CNNj is an SD service.
Point.5 Distribution network A designated line is used to deliver CNN/US into Japan. CNNj is delivered via an international satellite.
Point.6 Global distribution CNN/US is distributed in more than 100m households and hotel rooms across the US, Japan, etc. CNNj is only available in Japan. CNN International is available in over 280m households and hotel rooms across 200+ countries worldwide.

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