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Feb 22, 2009 @Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

OZ Academy was founded by a charisma of Japanese Women Pro Wrestling’s world Mayumi Ozaki. Top wrestlers such as Aja Kong and Dynamite Kansai are registered and they always agitate audiences and provide great competitions.
The event took place at Korakuen Hall on February 22, 2009 when Dynamite Kansai and Sonchika crowned titles became application! The touching moment of “Regular Army Festival” is coming back!
Experience and sense OZ Academy that is leading Women Pro Wrestling!

1st Match

“Super Heel” Toshie Uematsu vs KAORU

2nd Match

Manami Toyota vs Arisa Nakajima

3rd Match

Carlos Amano, Tomoka Nakagawa vs AKINO, Ayumi Kurihara

4th Match

[Champion Team] Aja Kong, Hiroyo Matsumoto vs [Chllenger Team] Chikayo Nagashima, Sonoko Kato

5th Match

OZ-Academy Title Match -THE WIZARD OF OZ-
[Champion] Mayumi Ozaki vs [Challenger] Dynamite Kansai

Created by OZ Academy