ver All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling/Apr 2nd 1993

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“ALL STAR DREAMSLAM-Zenjoism/Explosion!”
April 2, 1993 @Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa

When you talk about long history of Women’s Pro Wrestling, you should not exclude All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (Zenjo). Its 25th year anniversary event is called “ALL STAR DREAMSLAM-Zenjoism/Explosion!”. It finally became available as iPhone App.

This is the best event of competition among various promotions created unprecedented boom of Women’s Pro Wrestling. Fans are still talking about the first All Star event in history took place at Yokohama Arena on April 2, 1993.
All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling, JWP, LLPW, FMW competed each other representing promotions. Beat or get beat. Fans were excited to the battle that cannot be defeated and has no mercy. The legendary impression and excitement is coming back.

The exhibition match of Chigusa Nagayo and Devil Masami who still highly influencing to the world of Women’s Pro Wrestling. Ozaki and Cutie who changed the image of JWP with nonstop fierce battle faced two Inoues.
Fighting monster Aja & Bull who terrify opponents had a sensational match against LLPW’s Harley & Eagle. Kansai and Hotta who started Women’s Pro Wrestling career at the same time had a single match realized after 8 years of many complications.

A fierce and bloodshed match. Akira Hokuto received a title “Dangerous Queen” after the match against so called Mr. Women’s Pro Wrestling, Shinobu Kandori and they staked their pride each other. Countdown for date change occurred naturally during the match. Legendary event ended with match of growing Yamada & Toyota versus Combat & Kudo that is a battle staking each promotion’s willpower.

Women’s Pro Wrestling App is finally become available that fans dream of and both fans for long time and new to be fan can enjoy.

1st Match

Memorial Super Fight Exhibition Match
Devil Masami/JWP vs Chigusa Nagayo/Crash Gals

2nd Match

Heat Up The Shining Stars
Takako Inoue, Kyoko Inoue vs Mayumi Ozaki, Cuty Suzuki/JWP

3rd Match

Mega Monster War
Harley Saito, Eagle Sawao/LLPW vs Aja Kong, Bull Nakano

4th Match

Full Power Fate Fight ’93
Dynamite Kansai/JWP vs Yumiko Hotta

5th Match

Dangerous Queen Match
Shinobu Kandori/LLPW vs Akira Hokuto

6th Match

The Zenjoism Dream Winning Road
Combat Toyota, Megumi Kudo/FMW vs Toshiyo Yamada, Manami Toyota