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“KOWLOON The Best Tournament”
Oct 22, 2011 @Shinkiba 1st RING, Tokyo

KOWLOON is a legendary unit in Michinoku Pro Wrestling’s history. The legendary final event produced by KOWLOON became available as App.

Speaking of Rasse, he is in “pretty good condition”. “KOWLOON The Best Tournament” has suggested by Rui Hyuugaji and Rasse in September at event in Shinkiba and there were unexpected situation one after another.High level of battles in Lucha Libre, Hard Core and Wrestling are KOWLOON’s true worth. Luck may be determined by ability! Did Rasse suddenly become popular with astonishment?

Not to mention the matches, you can review the profiles of participated wrestlers, description of signature moves. Further more, wallpaper for iPhone and photo shooting function that enables you to take picture with your favorite participated wrestler.

The stunning battles KOWLOON against KOWLOON come back in your hand now.

1st Match

KOWLOON The Best Tournament 1st stage
Rui Hyuugaji vs Kei Sato

2nd Match

KOWLOON The Best Tournament 1st stage
KAGETORA vs Takeshi Minamino

3rd Match

KOWLOON The Best Tournament 1st stage
Fujita”Jr”Hayato vs Taro Nohashi

4th Match

KOWLOON The Best Tournament 1st stage
Manji-Maru vs Syu Sato

5th Match

The Great Sasuke, Kesen-Numajiro, Kinya Ohyanagi, Ken45°, Minoru Fujita vs Ken-Oh, Yappe-Man No.1, Yappe-Man No.2, Kenbai, Daichi Sasaki

6th Match

KOWLOON The Best Tournament 2nd stage
Rui Hyuugaji vs Kagetora

7th Match

KOWLOON The Best Tournament Final stage
Rasse vs Manji-Maru