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May 27, 2012 @Diamondo hall, Aichi, Japan

“Blue Dragon” Sonoko Kato has a reputation all over the world of women’s Pro Wrestling. Her debut was the first event of legendary promotion “GAEA JAPAN” in 1995 which was lead by Chigusa Nagayo. Although she showed her ability immediately after her debut and counted for the future, she had to be sidelined for more than five years due to injury. However, she made a miracle comeback as a result of her effort and strong spirit.

Sonoko Kato joined “OZ Academy” after she came back in action and returned to her hometown Aichi along with Tag Team Championship title. “THE BLUE DRAGON” which is Sonoko Kato’s triumphant return event filled with enthusiasm became available at iWrestling App!

Battles and moves develop by the fighter with many experiences can be in your hand! Further more, wallpaper for iPhone and camera App that enables you to take picture with your favorite wrestler. Experience the way of life of Sonoko Kato who has unyielding spirit!

1st Match

Mika Iida vs Nao Komatsu

2nd Match

Yumi Ohka, Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Manami Toyota, Tomoka Nakagawa

3rd Match

Sakura Hirota vs Ayumi Kurihara

4th Match

Mayumi Ozaki, Ran Yuyu vs Carlos Amano, AKINO

5th Match

Chikayo Nagashima, Ryo Mizunami vs Sonoko Kato, Aja Kong

Created by OZ ACADEMY